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A Surprise Date Night with Groupmuse - The New Way to Enjoy Classical Music

I surprised my boyfriend Josh with a Groupmuse show a few Sundays ago.  He had no idea where we were going or what we were doing until we arrived and someone mentioned live music. :P

If you haven’t experienced a Groupmuse, you’re missing out! Groupmuse is chamber music concerts at various homes with your friends, or in this case with your neighbors on a rooftop!

It’s my favorite way to listen to classical music as it takes the uppity out of the classical music experience and allows you to support local musicians.

Josh right after he found out we were attending a Groupmuse.

Josh right after he found out we were attending a Groupmuse.

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Picture “professional classical musicians are playing intimate house shows all over the country. Bring your own drinks, sit on the floor next to a stranger, and dig into music that’s blown minds and throbbed hearts for centuries.”

This Groupmuse was extra amazing as it was held on a rooftop in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco, and I have to say we could not have had a better view. We were nestled right between the Palace of Fine Arts (to the left)  and the Golden Gate Bridge (to the right).

I’m a sucker for a beautiful view.

I’m a sucker for a beautiful view.

Groupmuse is BYOB and BYOC (bring your own cheese & chocolate).  We brought some lovely chardonnay and added some berries - you know, to be extra fancy.

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Some tips for attending a Groupmuse

  1. Expect to tip the musicians - bring cash if possible!

  2. Bring your own snacks/alcohol.

  3. We brought pillows to sit on and a blanket in case it got too cold.

  4. Plan on arriving a few minutes early. I’ve only attended two Groupmuses, but both were packed! If you arrive late it may be difficult to find a place to sit.

  5. Introduce yourself to the host and thank them for opening up their home.

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I love attending Groupmuse concerts because it's sorta like a DIY concert in an intimate setting, but with professional musicians.

It was incredible to listen to amazing classical music while watching the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts. We can’t wait to attend again and are evening thinking of hosting our own in the future!

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We hope to attend another Groupmuse soon (hopefully with another amazing view!).

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