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Where To Focus In Life (A Follow up to Why You Should Always Have a Plan B That Doesn’t Suck)



You might have read my post a few weeks back about creating a Plan B that doesn’t suck….

Well luckily, my Plan A was a success! I got the apartment. We signed the lease and finalized last Sunday, anyone who has ever lived in SF knows that’s a huge victory.

After almost four years of living in San Francisco, I was finally able to sign a lease on a place.

It feels really nice when your Plan A works out. And if it didn’t, luckily I had a Plan B in place that would not leave me feeling desperate.

If you’re wondering why you should always have a plan B that doesn’t suck you should read this post.

In creating my Plan B, I realized there are 4 core areas that graciously take turns being awesome in my life. They are never all perfectly aligned at the exact same time.

The Core Four ~

I broke these down into categories and call them the “The Core Four”

  1. Your Career, Life Work, Job, (however you like to peg it)
  2. Relationships (with your significant other, family, friends…)
  3. Your Home (living environment or situation)
  4. Your Health (quality of life)
By breaking down life into these categories it helps me know where to shift my focus and efforts.

It’s pretty rare when all four of these are at 100% at the same time.

I’ve found it’s a bit of a teeter totter effect when one is going extremely well another seems to be, well not so great…

However in that magical moment when they’re all aligned you’d better believe I take a moment to feel gratitude as intently as I possibly can and fully appreciate that moment. I mean walking down the street and I can’t stop smiling kinda appreciation.

Change is the only constant in life. When one area is going exceptionally another tends to not flow as well.

I try to appreciate every single one of those moments because they don’t last forever.

Stay Focused

We tend to only be able to fully focus on one of these at a time since it can be difficult to focus on your career if you’re worried about where you’re going live next month.

It can be a bit of a balancing act but being able to strategize and know what to focus on and when helps me maintain my sanity when life seems a bit overwhelming.

I aim to create a balance between stability, continually learning, and gratitude.

Take Time To Reflect

By recognizing these four categories I can anticipate possible bumps and try to prioritize to the best of my ability where to shift my focus.

Every week I take Sunday evenings to reflect on these areas and journal my thoughts and ideas around them.

Improve Always

If you had to take a guess which one are you currently focused on? Is there a core area that you can appreciate, and one that you can make effort to improve?

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