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My Date with Destiny, How a Secret Online Community Turned an Internet Friendship in a Real One


I first met Destiny online in a secret girl cult online community that’s based in New York. She would share stories about her crazy dating experiences, her life in the city, and articles about salary negotiation (which I found extremely helpful). She seemed a little wild, free spirited, and exuded a certain confidence that was very compelling. I knew if we ever met in real life we would definitely have an adventure.

Over a span of 6 months we shared helpful articles back and forth, chatted about current trends, and she even helped me with a blog post and gave me some great ideas for it. We both had a love for marketing, instagram, and connecting with people online.

Fast forward to now, I had booked a last minute trip to LA for the weekend and Destiny happened to notice from a facebook post that I was in town. I had completely forgotten she had made the move from NY to LA. She said “you’re in town?!? LET’S MEET!’ I had a super tight schedule but knew I had to make time to meet with her.

We met in Venice at this super swanky underground basement bar that had a vintage, speakeasy style and vibe. I felt like I was meeting an old friend and kinda fell in love with her at the same time. I was immediately drawn to her carefree and child-like spirit. It felt exciting and fun like anything could happen and anything was possible. I feel like sometimes you just know when you were meant to be friends with someone, and there’s a reason fate or “destiny” walked into my life. She was a breath of fresh air.

We chatted non-stop for 3 hours over cocktails and enjoyed the sunshine with a walk down the pier. We shared resources, advice, ideas, and bonded over our mutual goals and aspirations. I felt like she just got it and understood things about life the way that most people never will.

Even though I had 3 cocktails I left feeling refreshed and eager to jump back into my blog and projects that I had been putting off because of a fear of failure. I learned a lot that afternoon but wanted to highlight 3 things I learned from my date with Destiny.


  1. You don’t need a crazy following or thousands of subscribers to make a difference. You can reach out to a small targeted number of people and make an even greater impact because those are your peeps. They’re your target audience and care about what you have to say, and you have their attention.
  2. Never underestimate the importance of an email list. Going back to #1 ^^ it doesn’t have to be thousands of people but you should start collecting people’s information from day one or you’re leaving money on the table. I’m embarrassed to say I failed miserably at this one. 
  3. Have a fun go-to bar in your neighborhood to impress your out of town friends with. I grew up in SoCal and now live in San Francisco. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve turned into a bit of a cocktail snob. That being said unless I’ve vetted out a place myself personally, or done some research I tend to be a little disappointed with the cocktails. I was very pleasantly surprised by my entire experience at the The Basement Tavern. I’ve added it to my list of LA bookmarks as I’ll definitely be coming back (hopefully on a Sunday evening when I’m told the cool kids are there with live music & chill vibes.   

I love the power of the online community. If I have a question about anything I can reach out to my community and almost immediately find an answer, and in this case make a new friend. I loved every minute of my “date with Destiny” and can’t wait for our google hangout sesh next week where we’re going to chat about email lists, swap dating stories, and make it one step closer to achieving our dreams.





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